Allie & Lori Window

Allie and myself got together in Hollywood Florida for a few photoshoots while we were at the porn show! This just happened to be one of them. We ended high up in a hotel suite inside the Westin Hotel overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. What a nice backdrop! We were both wearing black lingerie and took turns undressing each other. I wore a corsette top and fullback black panties (thanks Slim Tim!) while she wore a black thong and bra. Although it was a really nice backdrop, I thought that we could've used better lighting for the photos. Some came out kind of dark, and others were lit ok. We had a lot going on that nighto . [Finish This Story Here Guys!]

I like so many different things what's your thing?  I do lots of exciting things inside ;-)

I want to share with you my private life. I'm not some pay-per-fuck porn star. I'm really not. I'm more into it for the taboo and excitement of knowing I am sharing a very private portion of my life with total strangers. I'm just Lori. A regular, every day American girl who likes being very erotic and naughty for my guests. I want you to become my peeping Tom.  I want you to spy on me day and night.  When you're ready to cum play! SEE MORE HOT CUM BLASTING VIDS HERE!